The 3 risk factors that may be causing ADHD/depressive behavior in children...
And the new clinical bio-assessments you need to know about NOW. 

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Childhood ADHD/depressive behavior risk factors can be puzzling...

The CAOOY Action Plan for Childhood Behavioral Conditions can connect the pieces.

The time has come for prevention of suicide tragedies.

The need for comprehensive bio-assessments, as well as behavioral assessments in children and young adults is clear. CAOOY recommends all parents with children battling behavioral conditions as well as depressive conditions utilize the Action Plan for Childhood Behavioral Conditions.

Free bio-assessment recommendations as well as safe medication protocol consultations are available direct from author and pharmacist Frank Granett.


CAOOY identifies the problem.
The book, The American Epidemic, has the solution for behavioral conditions.

Frank J. Granett R.ph.
ADHD Expert Advisor
Local pharmacist and author of
The American Epidemic &
Over Medicating Our Youth.


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth is to help children by determining causation of behavioral conditions through bio-assessment recommendations as well as consultations for safe medication protocols.


Give the gift of knowledge.
Help determine the cause
of behavioral challenges,
prior to drug therapy.
All proceeds donated to CAOOY.

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