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CAOOY is a 501(c)3 non-profit Educational Public Charity.

- America's children consume over 3x as many Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) stimulant and psychoactive medications than the world's children combined, according to data collected by Scientific American.

- The FDA placed all ADHD stimulant  and psychiatric medications on their MedGuide Alert warning list due to the increased potential to cause harm, especially in the child population.

- Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the United State's college student  population.

These statistics jeopardize the health and well being of our next generation if not immediately addressed. The prescribing of stimulant and psychiatric medications in  children prior to ruling out nutritional, physiological, and environmental causation to their behavioral conditions must be reformed.


The Coalition Against Over Medicating Our Youth educates the importance of bio-assessment vs. behavioral assessment, including:

- Upper cervical spinal assessment to rule out subluxation

- Nutritional intervention to ensure a proper diet

- Nutritional supplementation to detox the body

- Psychological or talk therapy to rule out environmental risk factors

- Safe medication protocols assessed by a CAOOY Pharmacist to prevent over-medicating

Help your child win the battle against behavioral challenges.

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All donations to CAOOY provide ongoing educational information and assessment recommendations to help determine the cause of symptoms prior to premature drug therapy.

The Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth (CAOOY) advocates the prudent use of drug therapy, only after comprehensive clinical bio-assessments, as discussed in the book The American Epidemic, have been performed. If drug therapy is warranted, visit our Ask The Pharmacist page to receive free medication consultation to ensure safe protocols are followed.

The book, The American Epidemic: Solutions For Over-Medicating Our Youth written by CAOOY founder Frank J. Granett, provides physicians, parents, and educators the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding the use of stimulant and psychiatric medications in children, and will unite parents, educators, and physicians to lead this reform.

The most powerful episode of The Price of ADHD Business, hosts Kevin Price and Frank Granett R.ph. talk to Dr. Charles Shubin, professor of pediatrics Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, about the dangers and prevalence of improper ADHD diagnosis.

View all episodes of The Price of ADHD Business on our Media Gallery page.

Dr. Bennett talks with CAOOY Founder Frank J. Granett R.ph. about his advocacy group Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth on Health Beat.

The 3 risk factors that may cause ADHD/depressive behavior in children...
And the new clinical bio-assessments you need to know about NOW. 

Watch the preview for the Over Medicating Our Youth: Solutions for America's Epidemic DVD Series
with pharmacist Frank J. Granett R.ph. and Judge Jodi Debbrecht Switalski,
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Childhood ADHD/depressive behavior risk factors can be puzzling...

The CAOOY Action Plan for Childhood Behavioral Conditions can connect the pieces.

The time has come for prevention of suicide tragedies.

The need for comprehensive bio-assessments, as well as behavioral assessments in children and young adults is clear. CAOOY recommends all parents with children battling behavioral conditions, including depression, utilize the Action Plan for Childhood Behavioral Conditions.

Free bio-assessment recommendations as well as safe medication protocol consultations are available direct from author and pharmacist Frank Granett.


CAOOY identifies the problem.
The book, The American Epidemic: Solutions For Over-medicating Our Youth, has the solution for behavioral conditions.

Frank J. Granett R.ph.
ADHD Expert Advisor
Local pharmacist and author of
The American Epidemic &
Over Medicating Our Youth.

The mission of the Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth is to help children and adults determine underlying cause of neuro-behavioral conditions by ruling out nutritional, physiological, and environmental risk factors prior to premature drug therapy.



Give the gift of knowledge.
Help determine the cause
of behavioral challenges,
prior to drug therapy.
All proceeds donated to CAOOY.

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