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TOPIC: Side Effects of ADHD Medications

Side Effects of ADHD Medications 24 Feb 2013 20:17 #47

Side Effects of ADHD Medications
By Michal Dorcak on January 11th, 2011

Side effects of ADHD medications may be very dangerous, even life-threatening. This is the case for both basic types of ADHD medications – stimulants and non stimulant drugs. Side effects of both types of ADHD medications are usually very similar or the same. So, what are the best known of these side effects?

Some of the most common health problems connected to usage of ADHD medications are loss of appetite and stomach problems. These problems often include abdominal pain and feelings of dizziness. Though, some non stimulant drugs can even cause vomiting. Nonetheless, these side effects will often cause unplanned (in most cases) weight loss over the time. Though, these drugs are not meant for people who want to lose some extra kilograms. Such a use is generally considered to be abuse of these medications and may cause many health problems to people who do it.

Restlessness and even sleep disorders are other common and serious side effects. Adults and children taking ADHD medications often suffer from insomnia. Problems with falling and remaining asleep are common side effects mainly of stimulants. However, some non stimulant ADHD medications may cause these problems as well.


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