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TOPIC: What Docs May Not Tell You When Medicating ADHD

What Docs May Not Tell You When Medicating ADHD 04 Mar 2013 22:05 #56

What The Doctors and Teachers May Not Tell You When Recommending Medicating Your ADD/ADHD Child
Posted January 9, 2012 by Lisa Nielsen

I'm pissed off! I am pissed off because parents and educators are hurting children and they may not even realize it. This post is written to change that.

Drugging children has well-known risks which I share below, but now there's another to add to list as a parent / friend just informed me. Schools had convinced her to drug her son providing all sorts of evidence from doctors and others that this was best for her child. The risks were not presented. Fortunately, she eventually realized something was very wrong with the path down which schools were leading her child and she pulled him out of school so he could own his learning and have a happy and successful life.

Unfortunately, the damage may already have been done.
"I was not given a list of this as a side effect and I may have condemned him to an adulthood of trials and pain. Doctors play down rare side effects just as well as educators. Children are statistics not people."

This mother shared what she just learned.
"Did you know that a study last year indicated that there is a possible correlation between stimulant use (including ritalin and adderal) and parkinson's disease. Why is this important? My barely 20 year old son was given a tentative diagnosis yesterday of early onset Parkinson's disease (onset under 50). His only known risk factor having been prescribed Ritalin and risperdal before the age of 10. We will look for an early onset doctor and PUSH for more research to save other children from this debilitating disease. My focus changed yesterday!"


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