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TOPIC: Smoking Linked to ADHD in Future Generations

Smoking Linked to ADHD in Future Generations 07 Mar 2014 03:37 #316

Could Grandma’s Prenatal Smoking Factor into Your Child’s ADHD?
Posted March 6, 2014 by Rick Nauert PhD reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

A new study suggests that prenatal exposure to nicotine could influence attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children born as long as a generation later.

Florida State University College of Medicine researchers found evidence that ADHD associated with nicotine can be passed across generations.

Thus, your child’s ADHD might be an environmentally induced health condition inherited from your grandmother, who may have smoked cigarettes during pregnancy a long time ago.

If the theory holds, the fact that you never smoked may be irrelevant for your child’s ADHD.


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