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TOPIC: School Organization Tips for Students with ADHD

School Organization Tips for Students with ADHD 26 Jul 2013 14:26 #245

School Organization Tips for Students with ADHD or Learning Disabilities
Posted by Donna Goldberg

ADHD or no ADHD, organization isn't easy for kids. But for children with attention deficit disorder, organizing, prioritizing and managing time are especially challenging. Become your child's organization coach, and engage her in setting up a process to stay organized. Help your child practice her skills on a regular basis, and stick with the systems you create together.

Get started with these nine rules for better ADHD organization at school.

Time Management: Understanding Sequence
Make sequence clear to your child by giving him specific verbal cues — first, next, then, before, after — as you develop a routine. Ask questions: What comes next? Do you remember what you did first?

Reinforce sequence lessons by:
-Giving your child a series of directions using these verbal cues—and make it fun ("First do ten jumping jacks, then write your name backwards")
-Having your child give you directions as well
-Asking him to point out words that are related to time
-Talking about future vacation plans or reminiscing about his last birthday party

Use a weekly calendar to help your ADHD child learn the days of the week as well as the concepts of yesterday, tomorrow, and so on. A monthly calendar is information overload; a week's view is easier to grasp and can still be used to teach the concept of time management.


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