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TOPIC: Organizing the House for ADHD Relief

Organizing the House for ADHD Relief 08 Feb 2013 18:26 #34

Organizing the House for ADHD Relief
Posted January 26, 2012

If you or a loved one lives with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) there are ways to ease the symptoms while in your home. Dr. Mark Haffey, EdD, director of the Haffey Center for Attention and Memory in Amherst MA, offered up good advice for making your house a place of support for those with ADHD.

“There are different systems for different people, but there are some general ideas that are helpful for most everybody,” Haffey said. Haffey said that the “simpler the environment the better.”

“People with ADHD often build in too many distractions such as TVs and music systems. The quieter the better for most people with ADHD,” he said. Haffey added that some people with ADHD need to have low background noise while working or doing homework, others need total silence to perform those types of activities. “If there is background noise, it can’t be a favorite show or song,” said Haffey.

The launching pad

Haffey said that one the most universal techniques for people with ADHD is to have a “launching pad” in the front hallway or by the front door. “People with ADHD frequently lose their keys, wallets, cell phones, day planners, etc. Having a box or basket by the front door puts everything where they need it to be when they launch their day – and that’s where everything is returned when they come home,” said Haffey.


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