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TOPIC: Almond & Chick Pea Flour for the Gluten Free Diet

Almond & Chick Pea Flour for the Gluten Free Diet 15 Jan 2013 01:11 #13

Almond & Chick Pea Flour for the Gluten Free Diet
posted Friday, November 16th, 2012

Holiday dishes are around the corner and if gluten is an issue for you, you’ve probably been experimenting with alternatives.

Here are 2 excellent replacements that I have found work really well across the board – not just at the holidays but every day.

Bread, pizza, quiche, etc - try chick pea flour. The texture is perfect for bread type food and the flavor is neutral so you don’t get the overpowering taste/smell of other alternatives like regular bean flour.

The picture on this page is classic Indian Naan bread made with chick pea flour, naturally gluten free for hundreds of years…

Cakes, cookies, pie crusts (cooked or raw) - try almond flour. Its texture is excellent for dessert type dishes and almond flour has a sweetness to it which means you can skip sweetening altogether…

…don’t worry if you haven’t let go of sweetening yet, it takes time to wane off sugar sometimes – but you can definitely work on changing your palate and you’ll be shocked down the road how much you will actually dislike foods that have sweeteners in them. …it’s all a process though, so go easy on yourself and do everything in its time.

NATURAL SWEET TIP: (this works particularly well with raw food desserts) soak macadamia nuts in water for 3-4 hours (overnight is fine) and use them in the mixture. You will be shocked at how much sweetness (and creamy texture) it adds to your recipe.

Happy Celebrations - wherever you are in the world and whatever time you are reading this from Thanksgiving to Christmas to simply dinner tonight. Living the gluten free lifestyle CAN be totally enjoyable… with the right information…. and of course knowing enough to enjoy great health so you can enjoy all the moments… Don’t “wing it”, get Gluten Demystified and empower yourself.


Already a Jaqui Karr fan? Then you know you’re in excellent hands. If you’re new (where have you been all this time?!) Jaqui is a celebrity nutrition expert and authority on gluten and healthy living. A much sought after speaker, she has become renowned for her brilliant sarcasm and being the only one who truly tells it like it is. A health expert unlike any other, it’s “science meets common sense” (minus the useless jargon), all of which means a better quality of life for her followers. Step into Jaqui’s world where healthy living is fun, simple, and sexy!
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