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TOPIC: Why Rainbows Are a Must in a Healthy Diet

Why Rainbows Are a Must in a Healthy Diet 21 Jan 2013 16:42 #16

posted Saturday, December 8th, 2012

“Eat the colors of the rainbow”… brilliant advice to 100% of the population… but it’s a really critical element for the health of those with food allergies…

If you are unwell for any reason: a maximum variation of nutrients will help you heal and re-strengthen your system

If you are trying to lose weight or simply eat a balanced diet: a maximum variation of nutrients (meaning a ton of produce) will give you the extra fiber you need to feel full, not to mention regulate blood sugar, prevent cravings, and a whole pile of other great things to support a healthy body weight

If you have Celiac [Coeliac] Disease or any other autoimmune issue: a maximum variation of nutrients will prevent you from developing further food allergies. …this is really critical information… People diagnosed with Celiac [Coeliac] Disease or food allergies and intolerances tend to rely on a specific food (uh-hum, like rice) and eat it every day. This often leads to an allergy to that food. I have seen this often in the last few years. Recently, fellow Celiac (actress) Jennifer Esposito talked about how this very problem caused her to start losing hair, her eyelashes were falling out, and it took her a while to figure out why she suddenly started having new issues even though her diet was gluten free.

No matter who you are or what state of health you are in, always always always eat with as much variety as possible. Different fruits and vegetables, different types of flours made from the plant kingdom, seeds and plants (like chia or quinoa) that might require a little recipe searching and exploring… your body will be very grateful.

Already a Jaqui Karr fan? Then you know you’re in excellent hands. If you’re new (where have you been all this time?!) Jaqui is a celebrity nutrition expert and authority on gluten and healthy living. A much sought after speaker, she has become renowned for her brilliant sarcasm and being the only one who truly tells it like it is. A health expert unlike any other, it’s “science meets common sense” (minus the useless jargon), all of which means a better quality of life for her followers. Step into Jaqui’s world where healthy living is fun, simple, and sexy!
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