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TOPIC: Alternative Interventions for ADHD

Alternative Interventions for ADHD 23 Jul 2015 22:03 #368

Alternative Interventions for ADHD
By Frank J. Granett

Recently on the Price of ADHD Business radio health segment, Dr. Edward Group discussed the importance of eliminating underlying risk factors causing ADHD like symptoms. He founded the Global Healing Center and is one of the largest organic and natural health resources on the internet.

Dr. Group believes his personal mission is to help the world by teaching and promoting philosophies that produce good health, a clean environment, and positive thinking. Dr. Group believes his responsibility is to educate the medical industry, which has a tendency to treat symptoms of disease and not the underlying cause. The incidence of disease is increasing at an alarming rate, a statistic Dr. Group believes is an indication that the current healthcare system is not working. Dr. Group centers his philosophy toward the understanding that the root cause of disease stems from the accumulation of toxins in the body and is exacerbated by daily exposure to a toxic living environment. Author of The Green Body Cleanse, Dr. Group reveals the importance of the brain- gut connection to optimize behavioral health and reduce ADHD like symptoms.

Listen to the full interview from the Price of ADHD Business here and visit to obtain the action plan for assessing the underlying cause of ADHD like symptoms via The American Epidemic: Solutions for Over-medicating Our Youth.
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The mission of the Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth is to help children and adults determine underlying cause of neuro-behavioral conditions by ruling out nutritional, physiological, and environmental risk factors prior to premature drug therapy.



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